Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Nuggets

There is soooo much I need to catch up on here at Denitra's Den, however the Christmas rush has been just that. Therefore, a brief moment from our Christmas day will have to suffice. It's one of those little nuggets of truth that kids say that, as a Mom, ya just want to remember forever. So I'll take a few minutes to record it here for posterity's sake. Hopefully, after all the parties are over and the company has gone I will be able to properly blog once more:)

Last night, after a very busy Christmas day full of wonderful presents given and received, bedtime arrived and I went to tuck my little tired and sick cubs in bed. After praying with them and kissing them good night, I asked them, "So was this the best Christmas ever?!"

Lil' Buddy perked right up and replied, "It was second best!" while thrusting two eager fingers up into the air.

Surprised by his answer I asked, "Oh, what was the best one?"

Excitedly he responded, "Jesus' birthday, of course!"

Thanks Bud, for reminding me what Christmas is all about! The birth of Christ our Savior! Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fasting on Stuffed Animals

Seems I completely missed November here in blogsville! Been quite busy and unfortunately haven't got the time to do a complete overview. But before I forget, I want to pass on a conversation I had with my son this morning.

While we were getting things together for school Lil' Buddy informed me that for the next three days he would be "fasting on stuffed animals." He said that every time he thinks about playing with them he just prays because, "sometimes stuffed animals get in the way of God."

Be still my heart! How precious is that?! Guess it's time to see what "stuffed animals" might be in my way too.