Friday, April 25, 2008

Fightin' the Frump

Well, I thought I would join the ranks over at
Mrs. Fussypants where she is working hard to help us all fight the frump.

So, you may ask, what have I been doin' about that lately? A few things actually. I joined Weight Watchers and have just started my eighth week. I wish I could say I have been doing well at that, but as I'm only down 4 pounds I do believe I've got to work a bit harder. Somehow I did manage to avoid gaining any weight this past weekend, which was a small miracle considering the resort food we ate on our retreat! In fact I lost 1.8 pounds! I do believe I've turned a corner on the weight loss, as my own scale is continuing to decrease. Curious how much I might be down by next Wednesday? Hoping to get in to that 2 lb per week decline to be ready for summer!

In addition to writing down everything I put in my mouth, I have increased my activity. I'll be heading over to the gym to try out the Elliptical machine again. I tried that for the first time on Wednesday. . .what a work out! I definitely have to keep that in my routine as I felt much better after that than I do on the tread mill (not nearly as dizzy and my back didn't hurt - go figure!)

The last thing I want to mention is what I've been eating for lunch the past couple of days. I've been listening to the book Doctor Yourself by Andrew Saul (info here), and he is continually praising the benefits of vegetable juicing. Unfortunately, I'm not a big veggie fan, except of course about Larry and Bob! Despite this, I decided to give it a try. Since he talked about fruit juicing too, I combined the two to make a more palatable drink for myself. Gotta tell you, it was quite yummy and satisfying.

I tossed in my Vita Mix blender (this is an awesome blender, it can pulverize and juice pretty much anything) the following items:

1/2 c. pure blueberry juice
1 whole cucumber (peeled and halved)
1 1/2 c. strawberries (tops and all, just rinsed them)
3 stalks of celery (washed and chopped in medium size pieces)
1 c. frozen raspberries
1/4 c. frozen blueberries
1 Tbsp Agave
1 Tbsp Flax Seed
1/2 tsp Vitamin C

Blend til pulverized into a beautiful smoothie! It was delicious. Next week I'll experiment with some other veggies, but the cucumber and celery was as brave as I got for the first time 'round.

The only drawback to this type of smoothie, was that it didn't last. It was very filling at the time and I felt no need to eat anything else, but I was quite hungry and craving protein a few hours later. Hmmm, any suggestions?

Have fun fighting the frump today! I'm off to the gym.


Sister Honey Bunch said...

That smoothie sounds very interesting. I'm going to try it.

heather said...

Add some greens! I'm a HUUUUUUGE proponent of the green smoothie, have one every day.

I do 2 c. water and 4-5 cups spinach, lettuce, kale, or collards, 1 T. flax seeds, and some fruit. Right now it's:
2 bananas, 1/2 c. cantaloupe
1/2 c. mixed fruit
1/2 c. blueberries
1/2 c. raspberries
5-6 frozen strawberries.

If it's not sweet enough, add 1 T. honey or agave nectar. It makes about 7-8 cups in my blendtec, so i have half for breakfast and half for afternoon snack. Not bad for right at 500 cals.

Anonymous said...

How about adding some plain yogurt into the mix? It will add some protein to the smoothie, and maybe keep you going for longer.
I've never done smoothies before, but I'm asking for a blender for my birthday.....can't wait!!


Darla said...

congrats on the weight loss. that definitely helps the frumpy feeling, yes?