Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Greetings 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We have had a full year here in the Mooney household.  Never a dull moment with two teens and a tot!
Hope you enjoy our highlights of 2011:

Kids decorating Christmas tree this year

Phil and Denise

Phil started his own business this year by becoming an LLC.  His company of one is Embedded Innovations and he contracts himself out to different companies doing embedded software development.  Currently he is enjoying working on digital cable set-top boxes with Comcast Cable.  He has a long commute and takes advantage of his driving time to catch up on his "reading"...audio books! Phil is an Elder at our church, teaches our young adult Sunday school, and helps out with the sound system as well as the church website.

We enjoyed a couple of trips to Ohio to visit Phil's folks.  Over the summer for Father's Day and most recently for Thanksgiving.  On our latest visit we were able to join friends in Ohio to celebrate with Phil's college buddy, Hans, as he became a Colonel in the United States Air Force!  This whirlwind Thanksgiving tour culminated in returning to PA just in time for Denise's 25th high school reunion.
Thanksgiving Day at Cracker Barrel
I now introduce myself as a non-stay-at-home-mom, because I am never home!  I enjoy volunteering at Plumstead Christian School whenever I can.  Last year I was one of the lunch ladies and got a real kick out of all the high school boys who enjoyed flirting with Clara who sat in her stroller, smiling and waving at all the students!

This year I haven't been able to be at PCS on a regular basis because of all the other responsibilities that have filled my schedule.  I continue to enjoy co-teaching the Ladies' Bible Study and Senior High Girls' Bible Study.  Clara and I started attending a Kindermusik class at the piano studio and she absolutely loves it!  Our church started a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) program and much of my time as Coordinator has been working with several of the young moms in our congregation to get that up and running in a matter of months!  It has been a blessing to see God's hand at work opening the doors to allow this ministry and I'm so thankful that Clara and I can continue to be active in MOPS.

Phil and I also work with the young adults at our church, which involves Sunday school, dinners at our house, movie nights, game nights, sports nights and 1/2 price appetizers at Applebee's after 9 p.m.  Let's just say they keep us feelin' young!

In addition to all this, I play Mom too.  This means, driving, driving and more driving - to school, to church, to play practice, to piano lessons, to music class, to basketball practice, etc.  The games, cheers, recitals, performances, applause, awards, hugs and kisses (these are usually from Clara!) are worth every mile in the car!

Target portrait for Mother's Day
When I get the chance to sit and relax I try to work on my blogs, My Mid Life Motherhood (www.MyMidLifeMotherhood.com) and Denitra's Den (www.denitrasden.blogspot.com).  I have had a lot of fun opportunities and trips as a result of my blogging and am looking forward to doing more in the future.  You can keep up to date with our family throughout the year at each of those websites.


Winter Ball 2011
Darla will be 16 in a few weeks!  She is anxiously anticipating her Sweet Sixteen and is already looking forward to learning how to drive.  Darla is a very active young lady in school, church and community. She continues to grow musically playing piano, saxophone and hand bells. Last Spring she was awarded "Most Improved Musician" in the high school band. After only playing for a few weeks, she found herself performing with the band last November for Sarah Palin!

Darla enjoys being part of the youth group at church.  This summer the group went to West Virginia on a missions trip where they did construction work for needy families.  Currently the youth are working on some service projects for this Spring and Darla is very excited about the opportunity to help organize a fundraiser.


Darla & Micah in a friend's Quinceanera
This was quite an eventful summer for Darla and Micah.  MomMom and PopPop McNulty took all their grand kids, minus Clara, to Florida!  They visited family, Universal Studios with the new Harry Potter amusement park, and of course, Disney World - it was truly a trip of a lifetime for them all!

Disney World with the cousins
Darla and Micah also participated with Theatre and Kids Summer Camps, Micah as a camper and Darla as an apprentice.  Darla had great opportunities to learn, perform and tour NYC.  Micah had a lot of fun, especially enjoying learning to juggle - which he has not stopped doing every day since - it's his goal - juggle something every day!  This fall both of them were involved in the T & K performance of Jane Eyre.  Darla landed the role of Jane and performed beautifully!
Jane Eyre and St. John

Micah is 13 and has been having a great year in 8th grade.  This fall he was elected as President of Junior High!  He has been enjoying this new role in addition to his academics, band, choir, hand bells, and basketball.  Micah continues to grow musically as well, continuing piano and playing percussion.  He too was awarded the "Most Improved Musician" for the Junior High Band last Spring and was thrilled to perform for Sarah Palin.
As Court Juggler for Madrigals
Micah started playing basketball and tennis at school last year.  He is looking forward to continuing in those athletic endeavors.  He had fun doing a juggling act at school as a jester in their annual Madrigal dinner. He has a new love for debate (could be the teen years kicking in?!) and is interested in joining the debate club when he gets to high school.

Clara wearing one of Darla's ballet recital costumes
Clara turned 2 in August and we celebrated with a big birthday bash for her and PopPop who celebrated his 70th that same month.  It is hard to believe that last summer she was just beginning to walk and say a few words, because now it's hard to get her to stop running or talking!  She is a typical active toddler who loves to dance, climb, chase the cats, and play peek-a-boo.  Clara loves to read and watch Mickey Mouse Club House, which Mommy appreciates for much needed breaks to do laundry or dishes!  Clara especially loves going to music class weekly and cries when Darla and Micah go for their lessons, because it's not her turn!  Her favorite thing is dressing up as a princess.  Everyday she asks to put on her "pincess dess!"- of which we have many. Clara fills our day with lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles which is the perfect antidote to any teenage drama that may occur!

Well, those are just a few of the highlights of our year (like I said, we are a busy family!)  We hope that each of you have a wonderful Christmas and, despite the hustle and bustle of the season, can rest in the joy of salvation we celebrate through the birth of Jesus Christ!


Phil, Denise, Darla, Micah and Clara Mooney


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