Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dusting Off Denitra's Den

It has been so long since I posted over here at Denitra's Den that I felt it was necessary to dust it off and keep you all up to date on our life (especially since my Christmas Card post never made it to cyber space...until today!)

I've been very busy trying to focus on My Mid-Life Motherhood, so unfortunately have neglected this blog, the laundry, dishes, and various sundry housework.  As I attempt to get things a little more balanced, I hope to touch base here a bit more often, otherwise Cupcake will go from tot to teen in a matter of posts.

I had started updating this blog, but didn't quite finish. I thought I would at least post what I did, so you could see a glimpse of Clara before she started running and speaking in sentences. Check back this week for the update on the rest of us over the past year. Yes, there is more to our life than our cute little Cupcake...although she's the sweetest part! Enjoy!

Looking at the previous post from Clara's birthday, I can't believe how little she looks! Check her out this past Spring:
My Little Bunny at her first Easter Egg Hunt!

Me & My Mini Me on Easter Sunday!

At this point, she was 20 1/2 months (or 1 1/2 years for those of us who have stopped counting our age in months and have moved on to decades instead!)  She is quite tall, although not as tall as Darla & Micah were, so she's actually the shortest one of the three.  Measuring 33" at 18 months, if doubled that puts her at 5'6" when she's grown!  Possible with Daddy's height, although we can't forget that my lack of height might hinder our kids just a bit.  I'm not sure Darla's headed for the predicted 5'8" either (at least she's surpassed me by about a 1/4 of an inch, currently standing tall shortly at 5' 2 1/4"!).  When we doubled Micah's height at 2 years old it came to 6' 4"... so we'll see if he lives up to that and passes Dad's 6' 2" stature (he should be passing me soon!)

Clara is just on the verge of the toddler talking explosion as she jibber jabbers away and attempts to mimic what you say.  I imagine she'll be speaking in sentences shortly!  Some of her favorite words that are quite clear are hi, by, and no (of course!).  Below are some of her other favorites that require a bit of translation:

boooon:  translation - baloon
baaaal: translation - ball (must be squealed with delight for accurate pronunciation!)
boo pee: translation - peek a boo
eetta: translation - eat
mmmm: translation - monkey (gestures with angry fists when she says this one!)
mow: translation for- meow (used to just say "ow" but has since added the m.)
dyeee: translation - Daddy (Finally started saying "MaMa" just the other week.  When I would say, "Mama", she would say, "DaDa", with an impish grin...I think I have a little comedian on my hands!)
I...u: translation - I love you!  (This is my favorite, followed by a big kiss!)

Clara is quite an active toddler! She is very friendly and sociable, which was quite obvious when her first word was "Hi!", accompanied with a very enthusiastic wave that has since morphed into a cute princess wave.  She loves toting her baby doll around, giving her hugs and kisses (when she gives kisses she makes a ma sound.)  She is an avid "reader" - she just loves to sit and look at books. Her stubborn streak comes out when we actually try to read the books to her, she likes to be in control of the pages!

Overall, Clara has really been an easygoing baby. She is content in her crib, highchair, carseat, and play yard and, if not, she calms down easily with the magic CD (Sounds Like Fun from Discovery Toys...worked for all the kids!). She goes down easily for naps and bedtime and usually doesn't mind being dropped off at the nursery for church or MOPS.   I'm enjoying immensely reliving toddlerhood with Clara and reminding Darla & Micah that they used to be just as cute.  As you'll see below, they are growing up!

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