Thursday, May 1, 2008

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Today I finally had the opportunity to see Expelled and I gotta tell ya - it is a MUST SEE! Ben Stein does an excellent job of avoiding what could have been just-another-documentary by interspersing humor throughout the film. He does so, not only with his own dry wit, but by making creative use of old film clips to drive the points home.

I definitely appreciated the moments of levity, which helped me calm down between interviews of the many Darwinist scientists and their consistent insults toward anyone who considers the existence of God to be a plausible idea. I was amazed at how unabashedly these scientists referred to anyone who believes in Intelligent Design as "stupid and ignorant." Now, I could see them lumping me into that category as I have absolutely no scientific background, but I was appalled that they would do so quite vehemently in regard to their own peers - other scientists who are extremely intelligent! Basically, this movie revealed how much the freedom of ideas is being held hostage in numerous universities and institutions around the globe.

It was shocking to see some of the "logical" outcomes of Darwinism. Are you ready? Evolution, aliens, atheism, the Holocaust, abortion, euthanasia, Planned Parenthood, academic elitism, the suppression of freedom of inquiry, loss of free will and no hope. Just to name a few.

To see the teachers, scientists, journalists and others standing up, not necessarily for their own personal views but for the opportunity to allow debate, at the expense of their careers and reputations, was inspirational. Each of us needs to fight our own battle to have our questions asked and considered, even if they can't be answered by way of the scientific method.

I thoroughly enjoyed the explanations of the intricacies of DNA and a single cell. It was just enough to tweak my interest and remind me of how wonderfully created we are, as well as the universe in which live.

I give it:

(90 minutes; rated PG)


Darron S said...

Now, I could see them lumping me into that category as I have absolutely no scientific background

Would you believe me if I told you this movie was made specifically to appeal to people with little or no scientific background? It was made to take advantage of your lack of understanding of science. And, based on your review, they did a good job. If this movie has convinced you that a scientific theory can be evil, then the harm has been done. I'm sorry, but you've been lied to. =(

Denitra's Den said...

Wow. Let's see. Do I dare respond? Yup, it's my blog. Gotta do it.

Case in point. Just because I "have absolutely no scientific background," it is assumed that I'm an idiot and must have been duped by this film. The fact that I've got several BA's and an MA, I suppose needs to be ignored.

Documentaries are typically made to appeal to those without expertise in the paricular topic, issue, historical event, etc. that the film is about. That's the purpose - get info out to the general public.

Also, scientific theory is not evil. Not sure how you got to that from my little review?

Being force fed the Evolutionary theory as fact through school and media is the only way I have been "taken advantage of" and "lied to" here.

This movie has not convinced me of anything. Just reminded me of what I all ready knew and will continue to declare: God is the Creator of the Universe!

Lynda C. said...

I thought your critique was right on target Denise.

The prime atheist that Stein interviewed, incidentally with more respect than the atheist gave his fellow open-minded scientists, was a very pathetic worried looking soul. I really did feel sorry for him, especially when I considered where he would be spending eternity.
I was shocked when we were informed that Baylor University was guilty of ostracizing a scientist who was open to discussing Intelligent design. One would NOT have expected to find them in that camp!