Friday, May 2, 2008

Fightin' the Frump

This morning I made a yummy shake that I thought I would share with you. This has been one of the ways that I've been fighting the frump lately. It must be working since I lost 2.2 lbs this past week. Slow and steady, steady and slow that is the way to go!

Cucumber Melon Misty:
(Can you tell I was inspired by the popular Cucumber Melon scented powders, lotions and perfumes?)

1 large cucumber pealed and quartered
2 large slices of honeydew
1 c. green seedless grapes
1/2 c. apple juice
1/2 tsp. Vitamin C powder
1/2 tsp. flax seed
1 Tbsp. Agave

Pulverize in a juicer or Vita-Mix. Enjoy!


Sarah said...

wow - 2.2 lbs is GREAT! Interesting shake by the way! Have a good weekend. We are headed up to the cottage. I placed the order and will get it to you perhaps at the M/D banquet. Do get us 3 tickets.

Valarie said...

Hmm I might have to try that!

EMama said...

Do you find that the flax seed makes it too gritty? Maybe mine is just too stale - does it get stale??

dcrmom said...

Um. Cucumber? No thanks. :-)

But 2.2 lbs is great! Keep up the good work.

Denitra's Den said...

Just so ya know - the shake tastes like melon:) It's quite refreshing.

If you put too much flax seed in it can get gritty. I keep mine in the fridge to keep it fresh.