Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hannah Montana

This weekend we surprised our cubs by taking them to see the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour in Disney Digital 3-D!

I must say that it was a pretty fun experience. We all enjoyed the special 3-D effects - even in the previews - bonus!

It was fun to see the preparation for the concert and all the activity backstage. Getting a glimpse into Miley's life was cool and it was amazing to see how such a young girl handles being a star. Her parents were right there with her and it seems that they do a good job in the parenting department. So I don't mind my kids attending her "concert", watching her show or crooning her songs at the top of their lungs!

My only critique of the production is in the editing. I felt that there were too many things that were hinted at and never delivered. For instance, I was looking forward to a duet on stage with Billy Ray that was mentioned, even sat through the credits hoping it would be at the end. . .nope.

All in all I give it:Since it is geared toward kids, I thought it only fair that I let the cubs have their say. Naturally, they give it their stamp of approval with a rating of:

If you've got pre-teens who love to watch Hannah Montana, then this is a sure fire winner as a perfect Cub's Choice. Just be prepared to pay more at the box office for a "concert" - we paid $15 per ticket. That's a bit annoying since I know it doesn't cost them nearly as much to put together a concert as it does a multi-million dollar movie production. I just hope Miley picks an excellent college education as a result!

(1 hour 40 min. Rated G)

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