Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Will I or Won't I? That is the Question.

OK, I'm healthy, the cubs are healthy and Hubby's healthy. What's wrong with this picture? Oh . . . nothing! It just seems that since the New Year this may be the first week where everyone is healthy at the same time!

What a concept.

For the past month I have tried, to no avail, to visit one of my dearest friends who just had a baby. Well, not just, almost 5 weeks ago! Also, in that time they packed up and moved into a new home. So to recap: I've missed being able to help as much as I had hoped with packing, unpacking, bringing meals, and of course, oohing and aahing over the new little girl (and the new house too!)

It has been almost comical (and I say almost because I think I may cry if it happens again!) that every time I have scheduled to bring a meal over, help carpool one of the boys or stop by to see the new baby - something comes up. Inevitably someone in our family starts sniffling and the next thing you know we're battling strep or the flu!

Well, (I almost hate to mention it for fear that it won't come true) I am supposed to stop by for a visit tomorrow after Bible study! Will I or won't I? That is the question that may just keep me up all night wondering if the noise down the hall is the start of the next round of runny noses or hacking coughs.

All is quiet. So far so good. Think I may be ready for tomorrow: Meat loaf - check. Mashed potatoes - check. Green beans - check. Cupcakes - check. Baby blanket - check.

Time to head to bed - but first I'll take a precautionary Vitamin C!


Midlife Mom said...

Hi! I was just scrolling down through some of my past posts and came upon the comment you left a while back! Thanks for stopping by and I'm sorry I didn't reply back sooner! I love having new people stop by the farm and saying hello. Please come again soon and sit a spell!!

Holly said...

I think it is wonderful you have been trying to take the meal in the first place, although I understand your frustration when things don't work out as planned. Hope today is THE day!