Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh Baby!

I made it! I finally got to visit with my friend and her new baby. It was such a nice afternoon of catching up and touring the new place. The highlight, of course, was having plenty of baby time with the new little snuggle bug! She is a cutie and I enjoyed the baby cuddles immensely!

The remainder of the afternoon was spent at Wal-Mart. Buddy bumped heads with someone at recess, so we had to traipse over to W.M. to have his glasses bent back into the correct shape. I've lost count on how many times he's had to have his glasses "unbent"! It must be a boy thing.

While his glasses were being fixed I noticed a welt developing on his eyebrow, so we went next door to get a, usually forbidden, Icee. I let him have the treat after he held it to his forehead long enough to help the swelling go down. I think he was a bit disappointed that he wouldn't be getting a black eye!

Next, we had some birthday party shopping to do. Darlin' picked out a cute purse for a friend's party. Naturally, I felt inspired (or perhaps compelled by the torn handles of my own purse) to buy myself a new bag. What do ya think?

I hope it's not bordering on a bit-too-much-like-Tina Turner for me (it's not nearly as reflective in real life!) Besides, it matches my coat. . .not to mention my hair. . .and that's about the extent of my fashion coordination!

Lastly, we loaded up on CARS party supplies and Hot Wheels for Buddy's birthday party next week. Somewhere along the line I promised to make a race car birthday cake (yikes!), so keep a look out next weekend to see if I succeed.

Quick stop on the way home to pick up London Broil on sale at Giant - buy one get one free - SCORE! Sale ends Saturday, so if you're local stock up on some steak!

Well, they are forecasting a substantial snow storm for tomorrow. I'll let you know if we finally get a snow day around here!

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Allison said...

I glanced at the picture of the purse as I was reading the part about Darlin' picking out a purse for her friend...I'm just glad the picture is of the purse you picked for yourself and not the one she was giving to her friend! It's perfect for you but I wasn't so sure her tweenaged friend was going to love it.