Friday, January 4, 2008

A Favorite Christmas Gift

Ahhh, there's nothing like sparkling new appliances! I'm sitting here now enjoying my celebratory cup of homemade mocha that I just cooked on my new glass top oven range. A nice moment to relax and enjoy the lights on the Christmas tree (yes, mine is still standing!), the scent of the cinnamon bun candle, the taste of the cocoa and the thought of yummy things to bake in my new oven. Whoever said appliances were terrible presents never experienced this! What would be your celebratory treat if you had a new oven? Let us all know.

It's been a perfect way to recover from the mayhem of the delivery this morning. Arrival time was to be between 8 am -10 am, naturally they showed up at 7:40 am. This made for a bit of chaos as we chased kids and cats around until the delivery guys left at 8:15 am! Now my little den is quiet and calm and I look forward to a bit of a catnap with one of my kitties. What could be better than that? I know - the new dishwasher that gets installed tomorrow! Thank you Mom & Dad!


dcrmom said...

Large appliances are the exception to the gift rule. Especially when they come from Mom and Dad. Congrats! I miss my glass top oven desperately. They're a dream to clean.

John said...

wouldn't exactly call it 'favorite' but we found ourselves with a new fridge & hot water heater this christmas! happy holidays!!

Jaime said...

oops!! that last comment was really me!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That looks like a great new oven. I have a glass top one myself, but it was never new!

I did think it was wonderful when my fridge was new. Now it needs to be cleaned really badly and it OBVIOUSLY isn't new.

Welcome to blogging!

Denitra's Den said...

I got my first scratch! Hard to see, but I know it's there. Stupid potato pot!