Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"That's A Daddy Question"

Last night, my son asked me how flashlights work. He is quite aware that you stick batteries in and turn it on, so I knew that he wanted the specifics - exactly how the batteries make the light bulb illuminate. He's a little engineer in the making.

Knowing this, my first response was, "You're asking the wrong person. That's a Daddy question." (A frequent comment of mine!) He replied, "I know, but I want to know how you think it works." How sweet. He didn't like my answer, "Magic!"

Yup, that's about how I understand it. You put the batteries in and the flashlight magically turns on. . .pretty much all I need to know. It's magical to me! (Can you tell that I'm easily amused?)

About the only scientific fact I remember is one from Jr. High. "Evaporation is a cooling process." That's about the sum of the vast scientific wisdom that I have passed on to my cubs (good thing hubby's here, eh?). Even last week, at the dinner table, they were discussing something about water turning into steam. So naturally wanting to put in my two cents, I began my quote, "Evaporation. . ." Both cubs jumped in to complete my sentence and Buddy then proceeded to discuss with Dad the fine nuances of steam vs evaporation. Whew! Sure glad hubby loves science!

I am convinced that at some point in their lives all Dads must take a class so that they can answer such questions as these. "Why is the sky blue? How does the phone work? What's a radio wave? How are we able to see things on TV? How do my ears work? How do airplanes stay up in the sky?" Hubby's so good at answering any type of question that the kids throw at him. My Daddy could always answer these kinds of questions too. I find that truly amazing!

I must confess, I've asked hubby all of the above questions. Knowing how I tend not to grasp all things scientific he usually responds to me with, "Do you really want to know? Cuz' I'll tell you." Nope, I'm good with "magic" thanks! I guess I just prefer to remain amazed!

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Holly said...

I'd probably defer to Daddy too! Though I like your batteries and magic answer.