Friday, January 18, 2008

Pizzer fah Dinnah

Yup, that's right folks, it's pizza night! Just about every Friday night you can hear the familiar phrase "pizzer fah dinnah" being heralded throughout our happy home. In case your wondering, that would be a New England accent. Having lived in New England for a time, hubby and I can attest to that personally. It is almost out of reverent homage to the place where we met, that we cannot resist repeating the phrase whenever we have pizza . . . without exception!

Tonight was to have been no different. Hubby was needing to work late so I intended on doing the cheap version of pizza - homemade. All was going along just fine, til I realized nearly everything I had in stock was "fake". Wheat-free pizza crust mix and vegi "mozzarella cheese". I did find some real cheddar cheese and pizza sauce, so I thought I would make do.

When I called the cubs in for . . ."pizza", my Darlin' asked worriedly, "Did you just say that in quotation marks?" With the hesitation in my voice I had given away the impostor waiting at the table. After a few bites we called to have Daddy pick up pizza on his way home. There's just no substitute for the real thing!

"Pizzer fah dinneh!" We can hardly wait!


Sarah said...

thanks for the well wishes for our "aunt" who passed away! It was sad but she has been going downhill for some time. The funeral is Thursday.

sarah said...

dude - where are you? Keep those blogs coming! You are good at it.

Denitra's Den said...

I'm back. Been trying to recover from an increased bout of vertigo.