Thursday, January 17, 2008

My Morning Rush

58 Minutes Start to Finish

  • wake up late
  • hurry to wake Darlin'
  • take lightning quick shower
  • dress
  • grab make-up to put on later
  • try not to trip on kitties scurrying underfoot, waiting to be fed
  • throw breakfast on table (Oat Day is quick & easy - Cheerios for Bud & oatmeal for Darlin')
  • pack some semblance of a lunch for the cubs
  • remind Bud that he should run upstairs & brush his teeth before leaving for school, even if it does make us late
  • hurry everyone to the van, jump out exasperatedly to shut the no-longer-working power door that "accidentally" opened
  • remind cubs about their tone of voice for much of the ride to school
  • make it just under the bell!
  • arrive at church (15 minutes from school)
  • put make-up on in car
  • take a minute to write this blog
  • go to Bible Study!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Well, let's see. This morning the girls' didn't have school. We slept until we couldn't sleep any more. We watched TV, went to see a movie. Okay, am I making you sick yet? Just kidding. Hope you get some time to relax this afternoon. Most of our mornings sound like yours today. Just not today, so we'll enjoy it when we can get it.