Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Blahs

I am here, in case anyone out there in cyberspace was wondering. It just seems that I've caught the blahs too and am having a quite unproductive day myself (My Thoroughly Unproductive Day) .

Now that I've cuddled with my kitty and had a snap-to-it-already-and-get-something-done-kick-start shower, I actually need to go get something accomplished. If for nothing else, so that when hubby comes home, he can see some improvement around here. Currently, the place is reminiscent of the movie Animal House! All except Darlin' Gal's room. Somehow she inherited the neat gene from my Mom and someday I hope it will rub off on me!

I shall return to post my first "meme", as I've just been tagged. However, I have to figure out exactly what that means. . .I'm such a newbie!

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