Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Balancing Act

First a little background for those of you who don't know me personally: I'm a dizzy dame (and I do mean that literally!) The balancing system (vestibular system) in my head is, well, off kilter. It started about a year and a half ago from a mean old virus. For months I was out of commission, but now I am pretty much back to normal - except for the daily feeling of walking on a boat.

In order to train my brain to get used to the sensation of being dizzy, so I will no longer feel dizzy, I have to make myself dizzier (Got that?) So naturally I went to a class to learn how to get used to being dizzy.

The Fallproof Program is an excellent program for the elderly or people like myself who suffer from a balance disorder. I highly recommend it if you have elderly parents at risk of falling.

I was the youngest in the class by almost 40 years, so the instructors had some fun making me do lots of crazy stunts. By the courses end, right before Christmas, I was able to walk toe to heal with my eyes closed on a path of 4 inch high foam without losing my balance! (Most of you can probably do that, but it is quite an accomplishment for me - it's the little things that count!)

Yesterday, I was able to attend an additional class. Everything was going along, pretty smoothly - just a few wobbles, until the tandem exercise I mentioned above. I couldn't do it. I could barely gain my balance with my eyes open!

This fact amazed me. It had only been 3 weeks and already I was starting to loose what I had gained with the vestibular therapy. What an eye opener.

All this is just to preface the fact that I realized I need to get to the "gym." In actuality, I go to my physical therapists office and can utilize all their equipment. Now I am feeling a strong urge to incorporate more of my vestibular training when I work out. So I'm off now, no matter how silly I may look trying to walk a straight line with my eyes closed - at least it's not an episode of COPS!


Allison said...

Hi Denise! Sorry to hear that your vestibular system is still off kilter. I didn't realize that was still going on.

Your blog is fantastic! You are a great writer and I'm impressed with what you've done in the few short days you've been in the blogging world. I just posted today for the first time since October 14th. Life got way too busy for me!

Holly said...

I can only imagine how this condition can affect your daily life, much less exercise. Hope the training helps!

Denitra's Den said...

Thanks ladies!